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Where to get the best beauty and plastic surgery in Korea?
Dr.go korea is a one-stop service where you can discover and book quality beauty procedures in Seoul Korea.
Our carefully selected experiences are only with the most reputable clinics and aesthetics at the best rate. All clinics have passed our strict screening criteria and we create packages based on what each clinic does best and what is most popular among local trendsetters and celebrities. Whether you are travelling for vacation or business, you can beautify and rewind yourself with our trustworthy picks.

Let Seoul Cosmetic Surgery help you get your ideal body and face! To do this, we connect you with the most experienced doctors. As a result, you get the finest, most flattering results with our cosmetic procedures!

Plastic surgery in South Korea

성형 한국방문

Aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery in South Korea are becoming increasingly popular these days. It is known for its high standards and quality, as well as generally affordable low prices - high-quality plastic surgery in Korea costs several times cheaper than similar operations in Europe and America.

Awesome Guide to Korean Plastic Surgery for Foreigners

외국인 성형 한국방문

Nowadays K-beauty has become another synonym for South Korea. Apart from Korean cosmetic products that have been recognized worldwide, Korean plastic surgery is pioneering the industry. If you want to enhance the appearance of your body or face, South Korea, the capital of plastic surgery, would be your best choice.

Why is Korean Plastic Surgery So Popular Among Foreigners?

한국 성형이 유명한 이유

First, Korean plastic surgery is famous for using highly advanced technology and having experienced doctors. Also innovative technology such as stem cells are applied to improve surgical results. Secondly, clinics always provide the best all-round services. Most importantly, Korean surgeons are experts in catering to different aesthetic senses. It means that they take care of your special needs based on your ethnic nature.


한국의 성형 수술 절차

Our services help connect you to the best medical facilities and the most skillful doctors specifically for your needs. Because of this, you have access to a variety of plastic surgery procedures to fit your every want. Again, the cost of the treatment is the same – with or without our expert services.
Therefore, you have the best peace of mind. And you don’t have to stress over the details of your future plastic surgery procedures!
You will also find more information about how we take care of every details to make your stay in Korea perfect on this one.

Easy steps
How to Get Started

1. Submit an Enquiry
The first step towards a happier you is submitting an enquiry to Dr.go Korea or you can find the online-consultation and call us . It is recommended, but not obligatory, that you include photos of yourself. If photos are not included, we cannot guarantee surgical quotes, as they are based on average body type ranges. After determining the procedure or treatment best for you, you will receive an email listing quotes for the requested procedure, including all costs and the estimated length of stay in South Korea.

2. Submit the Reservation form
If you are happy with the chosen treatment, expected results, and total costs, it is now time to confirm your cosmetic surgery!
You can complete the Reservation Form , which includes a complete medical questionnaire.

3. Send us your Confirmation of Travel
DocfinderKorea does not book travel to/from Seoul, South Korea; it is your own responsibility to book your mode of transport. After confirming your cosmetic surgery, please send us your confirmation of travel, so that we can prepare a detailed itinerary for you.

4. Receive your Personalized Itinerary
Your personalized itinerary includes the dates for pre-operative consultation, medical tests, doctor consultation, and surgery/treatment. Detailed information for pre and post-operative care is included in your package.


성형수술의 종류

Eyes plastic surgery procedures in South Korea Blepharoplasty in South Korea

Korean doctors perform more than 25 different plastic procedures in the eyes area. Among the most common are eyelid plastic, blepharo ptosis, the elimination of epicanthus and canthoplasty.

Double eyelid non-incision surgery
쌍커플 비절개 수술
Double Eyelid Partial Incision Surgery
쌍커플 절개수술
Canthotomy 칸토미
Ptosis 안검하수
Upper Blepharoplasty 상안검
Lower Blepharoplasty 하안검
Eyebag Removal 아이백 제거
Dark Circles Removal 다크서클 제거

Rhinoplasty in Korea

한국의 코성형

It is generally believed that the ideal shape of the nose is a refined nose line and a narrow tip.
In many cases, Korean doctors use ear cartilage to plastic the tip of the nose to achieve the perfect balance.
Rhinoplasty in Korea is very popular among the local population. Thanks to Korean doctors’ experience and popularity, not only people from all over Asia, but also Europeans and Americans, come to improve the shape of their nose.

한국의 얼굴 안면 수술

Square Jaw Reduction 사각턱 수술
A square jaw is when the lower jaw bone’s size is wide and causes a square appearing face. Specifically the bone beneath the ear can cause a face to appear bigger. Maxillofacial square jaw reduction surgery is required to remove the angular jaw line and create a slender V line.

Cheekbone Reduction (Zygoma Reduction) 광대뼈 축소술

Chin surgery (Jaw surgery) 안면 윤곽술

Breast Augmentation

가슴 수술

Breast augmentation is a surgery to make bigger and more beautiful breasts by inserting implants. It involves using implants to create fuller breasts or to restore breasts that may have lost volume. If you are unhappy with the size or shape of your breasts, augmentation surgery should be considered. Breast augmentation can increase the fullness and projection of your breasts, improve the balance and proportions of your figure and improve your self-image and self-confidence. If you want your breasts to look fuller and be lifted due to sagging, an additional breast lift may be required in combination with breast augmentation. Breast lifting can often be done at the same time as your augmentation.

Anti-Aging in Korea

V-Lift (Thread Lift)

라인 실 리프팅

This face lift surgery uses special medical thread that has 2-3 times more wrapping than regular thread. It is inserted into the skin layer and pulls the wrinkles tight, resulting in a semi-permanent effect. In addition to skin regeneration from collagen synthesis, cosmetic surgery facelift helps the skin tone improve and provide anti-aging effects. This Facelift provides anti-aging effects and a v line facelift.

Fine Thread Lift

안면 실 리프팅

Fine thread lift surgery uses a PDO substance dissolvable thread approved by the FDA to insert into the skin layer and pull toward the desired area. This facelift will regenerate skin cells around the area and improve wrinkles, skin elasticity, tone, and has the effect of a slimmer v-line chin. Insertion of butterfly shaped thread-ends with a needle, into dermis of the skin to regenerate skin cells and give a lift effect. Inserted thread slowly melts inside of skin within 6 months; it is one of the most popular procedures these days, for it avoids side effects that may occur after thread lift, such as having a bumpy skin surface or feeling of irritation.

Endotine Lift

엔도타인 리프팅

Endotine, an implant used for pulling wrinkles, is fixated within the skin layer and tightened up to the desired location, which smoothens out wrinkles, increases skin elasticity, and provides anti- aging effects. This procedure is especially effective for thick and deep wrinkles, absorbs within the body after 6 months, creating a more natural and semi-permanent face lifting effect, which is popular among middle aged patients.

Mesh Lift

메쉬 리프팅

Mesh face lift includes inserting mesh, an elastic, net-like material, and pulling to remove wrinkles from drooping skin. The inserted mesh maintains elasticity and gently follows the muscle movement which creates a natural anti-aging effect.

Incisional Lift


This face lift procedure removes SMAS tissue within the skin, which has sagged due to aging. And it has the effect of pulling the skin upwards for a tighter face. The skin is not simply pulled but the drooping muscle tissue is removed so that a permanent anti-aging effect is achieved through a simple facelift.

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